Friday, April 8, 2011

Learning at the Discovery Center in Ketchikan

Tongass School of Arts and Sciences Kindergarten teacher, Carol Stanton, brought her class to the Southeast Alaska Discovery Center to learn about the differences between mammals and birds. Over 20 students drew creatures found in the temperate rainforest exhibit and the ecosystems room. They then went to the theater to compare the weights and sizes of a duck skull and a mink skull. The kindergartners were surprised to find that the mink skull, although much smaller, weighed more than the duck skull. Students also learned the Rufous Hummingbird’s size, weight, and egg size using a variety of props. They were shown how to fly like a hummingbird--and then they "flew" to the learning center for feeding time!

Click the Calendar tab above to see all the events scheduled for the Hummingbird Festival at the Southeast Alaska Discovery Center this month! 

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