Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Bear Viewing-- the Bears are Awake! Where are You Seeing Them?

The skunk cabbage is up, and the weather is turning-- spring is here and the bears are waking back up!

Fresh on the heels of this weekend's New York Times article on bear viewing near Kodiak, we thought we'd ask-- who's seeing bears? Where? Drop a note in the comments and let's see what they're up to.

And please, be sure to take caution in bear country. See this bear safety site for tips on how to stay safe when around bears.

Enjoy the spring, and keep us posted on what you're seeing!


  1. Out here on Prince of Wales, I have been watching a bear for about a week; but I'm not telling where! I know the bear hunters are taking them too.

  2. I actually encountered a black bear in the parking lot as I was leaving work on the back loop in Juneau last week!