Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Yakutat Tern Festival This Week!

The first annual Yakutat Tern Festival will kick off this week with a reception Thursday evening that features Salmon in the Trees photographer Amy Gulick. See Gulick's exhibit while enjoying the rest of the festival.

Photo from Salmon in the Trees

Yakutat boasts one of the largest and southernmost known breeding colonies of the beautiful Aleutian Tern. The festival celebrates this special bird and the importance of Yakutat in its natural history.

Yakutat is a great to place to start your summer with extraordinary beauty and great outdoor learning opportunities. See you at the festival!

Aleutian Tern


  1. I have never done anything like this before, but I feel that I must share what I have learned. I was watching a program last evening with one of my grandchildren that talked about this little bird. Not exactly the Aleutian Tern but the Arctic Tern. Not sure if they are the same, but either way they are amazing creatures. Did we hear right that this little amazing bird fly's 22000 miles? We have watched these little birds for years, fly and dive and do turns and as we kayaked the river, have had the luck to see just how amazing these little birds are. I do my best to share with my grandchildren just how lucky we all are to be here now, to see what Alaska is, and have the chance to help protect what the Great Spirit has allowed us to have. It is so small compared to the earth in general. We have to save what is left. We have to. We have to save as much as we can, be it the forest or the rivers or the tundra. That to save these things is to save ourselves. We must teach our children and our grandchildren that we are the gatekeepers and must protect what we can. We must teach them that to fly and shoot our wolves from a plane is wrong, to put a mine in our fishing areas is wrong, to pollute our air and land is wrong. Knowledge is power so it is up to us to teach the children, so when we are gone, our spirit and our home will still be here.

  2. Your grandchildren have a very good teacher. We thank you for your words.