Tuesday, May 22, 2012

International Migratory Bird Day

Gwen and two friends prepare to release
a golden-crowned sparrow
 International Migratory Bird Day on the Tongass....

Last Saturday we enjoyed fair weather in Juneau as we spent the morning alternating between nature walks at the Community Garden and mist-netting and banding a nice variety of birds. The banding activity provided a special opportunity for about 60 participants throughout the morning to get close looks at golden-crowned sparrows, hermit thrushes, Wilson's warblers, and several other local mainstays. One special treat was the Lincoln's sparrow that was still wearing its band from last May, when it was captured at the very same place!

American robin is measured & inspected
Hermit thrush!
Another 60 or so visitors took in afternoon activities near the Mendenhall Glacier, where three gulls--mew, glaucous-winged, and herring--stole the show as folks learned to tell them apart.

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