Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Building Outdoor Skills in a Village Surrounded by Wilderness

Angoon children and adults, alike, pay close attention as a 4-H-trained instructor demonstrates fly-tying techniques.

Angoon, Alaska is a pretty isolated place-- found on a small stretch of Admiralty Island, you can only get here by boat or plane. This year, Admiralty National Monument staff on the Tongass National Forest worked with the Juneau 4-H Outdoor Skills Club to bring a 4-H Outdoor Skills to Angoon, reaching far more village residents than if the training were held in Juneau or Sitka.  
Four Angoon leaders were trained last year and put their new skills to work with 4-H fly tying/casting and rifle safety programs.  Forty youth and adults participated. As a result, energy is mounting for a new club to be chartered in Angoon.  The unit received a More Kids In the Woods grant this year that support future events in Angoon in the areas of shooting and fishing safety/skills, Native art and local foods.  The next planned event is a bentwood box making course for youth as part of this year’s school curriculum. 
For more information please contact: Chad VanOrmer,  District Ranger, Tongass NF, Admiralty Island National Monument, 8510 Mendenhall Loop Road, Juneau, Alaska 99801, 907-789-6202 (office), 907-586-8808 (fax).

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