Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Growing Collaborative Efforts, and Succeeding Together

A deer takes care of her two fawns, a frequent sight come spring on the Tongass
People care about the Tongass. A lot. Visitors from around the world visit on cruises or on their own to experience the unique beauty of this place-- its vast landscapes, its large trees, its dramatic mountains, its numerous glaciers, its quiet fjords, its abundant wildlife...

A lot of people who live here really care about it, too, and depend on it-- for food, for work, for play, for cultural identity. Lately, we on the Tongass have been working alongside communities, organizations, and other government entities to find solutions to longstanding issues. Read up more about these efforts in our publication, "Collaborative Stewardship: Stories from the Tongass National Forest"-- and leave a comment here if you are so inclined!

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