Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Kids Fishing Day in Portage Valley and Cordova

On June 9th – Kids Rule the Fishing Scene – with events happening in both Portage Valley and Cordova

At Moose Flats from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm – Kids 13 years and younger can enjoy accessible fishing in the pond, fishing activities & games, and for the 1st time science-related activities in the Alaska Department of Fish and Game Mobile Aquatics Classroom. Bring your rain gear and a fishing pole. Join us for a barbeque after you have had your fill of fishing. For more information contact Adam at 907-288-7715.

In Cordova, head on over to the Hollis Hendrick Park at 1:00 pm and fish your heart out for the next 3-hours. In addition to the usual casting and lure-making we will be exploring salmon anatomy and pond ecology, running a life jacket relay, or making fish ink print backpacks. Contact ladelfio@fs.fed.us or 424-4753 for more information.


  1. Getting kids into our great sport of fishing and interested in the outdoors in general is something we (us fishermen that is) should all give some of our time to at some point. Organised days out like the one you've had here are just brilliant - well done to all involved.


  2. I had to drag the craft about fifty feet through a beaver slide that connects the back marsh with the deeper waters that I had just navigated. Check these guys out

  3. I have needed to choose where to angle on a few events, and I'll let you know, it is difficult. Generally, bass lures