Thursday, June 7, 2012

Spencer Glacier Whistle Stop

Adventure Within Range 
on the Chugach National Forest

Hop on the train for a drive-free option into the Chugach National Forest. The Alaska Railroad stops off at Spencer Glacier, the first of a series of "whistlestops" in the Forest. Once off the train, visitors have a choice of recreation possibilities.
The Whistle Stop pavilion at Spencer

  • Take advantage of a guided tour along the fully accessible 2.6 mile trail to the glacier
  • Enjoy a picnic at the historically themed whistle stop shelter
  • Create your own multi-day adventure with family and friends at the site's group campsite or enjoy it on a trip guided by permitted outfitter and guides

If you want a longer hike take a self-guided six-mile hike to the face of Spencer Glacier. For the really adventurous, a hike deep into Grandview Valley is a great way to experience some exceptional views while keeping an eye out for wildlife and beautiful wildflowers.

PLANNING – Contact the Alaska Railroad for the train schedule to Spencer – There are several companies offering guided hikes, kayak, and boat adventures. Companies operating in the area are listed on the Chugach website.

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