Tuesday, May 26, 2015

61-Acre Palmer Creek Fire Contained and Controlled in Chugach National Forest

The first significant human-caused fire of the season in Chugach National Forest was contained and controlled Friday, May 22 in the late afternoon. A forest crew monitored the 61-acre Palmer Creek fire over Memorial Day Weekend and will continue patrolling it this week. The inactive fire is located south of Hope within the vicinity of the Coeur D’Alene campground – a popular recreation area – on the Upper Palmer Creek Road.

Escaped campfires are the number one ignition source on the forest. Over the course of a typical summer, forest firefighters extinguish nearly 30 abandoned campfires.

Remember, you are responsible for the fires you start. Consider your safety and the safety of others. Do your part to prevent escaped campfires by extinguishing your fire completely. We all have a hand in a safe fire season.

Campfires are allowed in pre-existing fire rings and in established campgrounds and 
recreational areas.

Fire danger remains high in areas of the forest near Cooper Landing.

Visit fire.ak.blm.gov and akfireinfo.com for statewide wildfire information.

Dial 911 to report a fire.

For up-to-date fire danger on the forest, visit www.fs.usda.gov/chugach

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