Thursday, May 7, 2015

Chenega Bay makes owls from pine cones!

Somewhere, sometime, there is someone making Christmas ornaments on the Chugach National Forest, and beyond. They're doing it all over Alaska.

Enthusiastic ornament-making parties, events, classes, groups and classes are going on under your noses. Find out more on the official U.S. Capitol Christmas Tree website.

Eight students with wild imaginations got together in Chenega the other day and went to work making some very interesting owl ornaments...

Natural and man-made materials were used with enthusiasm and in many different ways. Pipe cleaners and purple feathers, owls with (sometimes two sets of) crazy-cute little plastic eyes, owls with beautiful wings the color of a Chenega sunset, shy purple owls with long lashes, they were all there. There was even an owl, designed by Jacob, wearing a teeny little Aleut hunting visor. We all had a great time and Chenega is wonderful.

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