Thursday, May 7, 2015

Tatitlek gets up, eats breakfast, makes ornaments

Somewhere, sometime, there is someone making Christmas ornaments on the Chugach National Forest, and beyond. They're doing it all over Alaska.

Enthusiastic ornament-making parties, events, classes, groups and classes are going on under your noses. Find out more on the official U.S. Capitol Christmas Tree website.

Tatitlek Community School had a fun March morning making ornaments for the U.S. Capitol Christmas Tree. Students had lots of stuff to work with: feathers of different colors, piles of pine and alder cones (alders have cones!), pipe cleaners... Oh, and googly eyes. GOOGLY EYES!

For some reason, we thought we had to ask the students to be creative: how wrong we were. There were bears with hats and pipe cleaner legs, and owls with binocular eyes and fuzzy green wings, and deer with googly eyes, even a tiny Smoky Bear with a tiny hat and vest.

It turns out kids from Tatitlek are born creative, and that they love where they live, the wildlife, the land, the sea. And they have a great sense of their wonderful community. Tatitlek is small but great!

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